Personnel Policy

Effective Date: April 2010

Application: Library Staff and Trustees

It is the policy of the Cape Vincent Community Library (Library) to administer its personnel system as an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Cape Vincent Community Library Board of Trustees (Library Board) and employees agree there shall be no discrimination with regard to hiring, promotion, job assignment, or other conditions of employment because of race, age, sexual orientation, creed, color, and national origin.

Library Staff:

The basic function of the library staff is to serve the public.  Library employees are expected to be helpful and to provide an agreeable and welcoming but professional atmosphere in the library and on social media.  To that end, employees are to be professional in conduct and dress, and courteous with both co-workers and with library patrons.


The Library is open 38 hours per week.


Overtime is defined to be any hours over the regularly assigned hours that each employee works.  Overtime may be credited as compensatory time to be used within the pay period or be paid at the employee’s rate of pay.  No overtime is to be worked without the approval of the Library Director.   A time sheet will be kept of regular hours, holiday time, and overtime by the Library Director. 

Employee Benefits

Social Security:  All employees are covered under the Social Security Act.
Annual Leave:

Library employees are entitled upon completion of one year of service annual leave at the following rates.  If an employee is promoted to a new position in the Library, prior years of service accrued will apply to their annual leave.

The Library Director is entitled to paid vacation at the following rate:

            Years 1-5           two weeks paid vacation

            Years 6-10        three weeks paid vacation

            Years 11+          four weeks paid vacation

The Assistant Director is entitled to paid vacation at the following rate:

            Years 1-5         one week paid vacation

            Years 6+          two weeks paid vacation        

The Library Assistant is entitled to paid vacation at the following rate:

            Years 1-5         one week paid vacation

            Years 6+          two weeks paid vacation

A “week” is based on the number of hours worked by the employee in a standard work week. 

Sick Leave:

Library employees are entitled to one week paid sick leave per year.  One additional sick leave day will be earned per year, up to the limit of two weeks of sick time. Employees will be provided per calendar year up to 40 hours of unpaid sick leave per the NYS Paid Sick and Safe Leave Act.

Paid Holidays:

Library staff is entitled to the following 13 paid holidays per calendar year.  New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, French Festival Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, and Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day.  Staff scheduled to work those days will be paid.  Monday holidays equal to six (6) hours. Staff not scheduled to work on one of the above holidays, other than a Monday holiday, will not be paid.


In the event that a Library employee cannot perform their duties because of illness, they will become eligible for New York State Disability Insurance.  The employee’s full compensation will be reinstated upon the employee’s return to their regular duties.

Training and Staff Development:

The Library Board of Trustees wishes to encourage attendance at courses and conferences related to both library services and employees’ duties as a means of enhancing the Library’s offering to the community.  Accordingly, it pursues a policy of paying expenses to staff members as outlined below:

Time off with pay, full or partial fee reimbursements, and mileage payments at the prevailing recommended federal rate should be granted.

Leaves Without Pay:

Leave without pay may be granted at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees for a period not exceeding one year.  Requests for a leave of absence without pay must be submitted in writing to the Director.  All requests, accompanied by recommendations of the Director, must be submitted for the approval to the Library Board.  The Library Board reserves the right to stipulate any conditions for such leave.   Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Maternity/paternity/adoption
  •  Family illness or death
  •  Military service beyond 30 days
  • Educational purposes

Salary Administration:

All positions in the Library are categorized and pay rates for each position are reviewed by the Library Board annually in conjunction with the Library budget preparation.

Job Descriptions:

All positions have written job descriptions.  Library employees will be provided with a copy of their own job description. 

Performance Evaluation:

It is the policy of the Library to have a written evaluation of employees.   For a new employee, these written evaluations should be completed at the beginning of the sixth month of employment.  Written evaluations for all employees should be conducted at least once annually.

Each employee should be evaluated periodically against his/her job description.  The Director shall personally conduct annual evaluations of the work performance of all Library employees.  The Director shall be evaluated by the Library Board. 

The purpose of such reviews shall be to help employees make progress in their work and learn where they stand.  The performance review must be accompanied by a personal conference in which the employee may examine the review and have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments. 

Disagreement with the performance rating may be expressed in writing to the Library Director and the Library Board.

Performance evaluations will be considered as one factor in determining salary increase, promotions, or dismissals.  These performance evaluations shall be made available to the Library Board for annual salary review.

Evaluations, as well as any written comments that the employee should make about the evaluation, should be kept in the personnel file. All employees have access to their evaluations and may examine them at any reasonable time.  On all evaluation forms, the employee is given the opportunity to write his/her comments about any written comments.

Rules of Conduct:

Library employees’ clothes should be neat, clean and appropriate. Dress that is not appropriate may include, but not limited to, torn or shredded clothing, beach wear, etc. Most employees never violate any Library rules or give the Library Board any reason to impose discipline.  However, if an individual employee requires discipline, the following guidelines shall be followed.

Following is a list of some, but not all of the acts which could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal:

  1. Repeated absences or tardiness.
  2. Persistent negativity or numerous petty complaints that undermine the morale of co-workers, or interfere with the normal flow of work.
  3. Misuse of time:  extended breaks or lunch hours; persistent or extended personal telephone or cell phone calls.
  4. Interrupting working employees with personal or frivolous conversations.
  5. Disrespectful behavior toward management, patrons, or other employees.
  6. Insubordination (Refusal to do work or carry out a reasonable request).
  7. Any act of dishonesty, deception or fraud.
  8. Abandonment of job or failure to report to work without notifying the Director.
  9. Committing deliberate damage to library property.
  10. Unauthorized use of library facilities, tools, or equipment.
  11. Disorderly conduct, such as striking another employee, use of abusive language, etc.
  12. Falsifying library records.
  13. Allowing unauthorized person(s) access to library facilities.
  14. Possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while at work.
  15. Harassment of any nature, including sexual harassment.
  16. Possession of firearms or other weapons on library property.
  17. Illegal use of e-mail or communications systems.
  18. Use of library computers and property for personal work.
  19. Removing, sending or furnishing library records and information to unauthorized persons.
  20. Abuse or violation of state or federal laws adversely affecting employment.
  21. Any conduct contrary to common decency or morality, or liable to incite, or provoke against any because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

The examples used above are not intended to be an inclusive list of inappropriate behavior subject to disciplinary action.  These examples are given only as guidelines.    The Library Board reserves sole managerial discretion to determine what conduct or behavior is subject to discipline and to determine the severity and timeliness of such discipline. Any decision rendered by the Library Board will be provided to the employee in writing.


The employee should provide two weeks’ notice.  The employee’s written and signed resignation should be dated when received and retained in the personnel file.

Staff Grievances:

Dissatisfaction with alleged unfair treatment, work schedules and assignments, library policies and procedures, or working conditions should be brought to the attention of the Library Director.  Many can be settled informally and verbally by the Library Director.  However, if a matter is not resolved, the Library Director should bring it to the Library Board for study and resolution.  The Library Board will communicate the decision directly to the employee.

Emergency Closings:

The Library Director will authorize closings for inclement or unsafe weather conditions, power outages, or any other condition which makes it impossible or unsafe to operate the Library.


The Library Director and Board of Trustees will be responsible for administrating the personnel policy.  Library staff will be responsible for abiding by the regulations of the policy.

Revised and Adopted:  October 29, 2015
Revised and Adopted:  October 15, 2020