Chris Schneider, Acting President, Liz Brennan, Secretary, Amy Pond, Librarian, Vicki Sperry, Ruth-Ellen
Blodgett, George Sperry, Wendy Vincent, John Rae, Michele Nunziata, Sheb Bishop and Cheryl Eckert

  1. Meeting called to order at 4:02. Chris welcomed all and we all introduced ourselves.
  2. Secretary report: Minutes presented; Motion made by Chris and seconded by Liz to approve minutes. Passed.
  3. Treasurer report : In October the Saving acct had $3489.91 and Checking had $1,646.32. In Jan the savings acct remained the same. The checking acct had a balance of $696.32 due to a deposit of $50 and a withdrawal for
    books and programing of $1000. Motion to approve report made by Vicki and seconded by Sheb. Passed unanimously
  4. Everyone had a copy of By-laws and attention was drawn to purposes of the organization as stated in the By-laws.
  5. Amy – Reviewed some of the things the Friends have done for the Library in the past. She reviewed the budget and the needs the library has. There was discussion about the approximate $10,000 shortfall and how the library is able to close that gap. This includes with the help of the Friends. She also mentioned that Taniesha would be leaving Jan. 20 and that she would need volunteers to do coverage for her during lunch time on Wed.
    Michele volunteered and back up volunteers are Liz Brennan, Vicki, George and Wendy. Amy presented a calendar with ideas for activities and programs for each month. We centered our discussion on Feb and March.
    In Feb. the Friends agreed to help with display for Black History Month. We will be researching books and films that promote Black History awareness. We will either send suggestions to Amy or place interlibrary loan requests for books and films for the library to display for the month. On the first Sat of Feb the library will
    sponsor an event for kids with crafts and activities. Any Friend who would like to help should contact Amy. March had a scavenger Hunt but we decided to postpone until weather is better and more businesses are open.
    We will discuss in future. Cheryl brought up ideas of Sketch book. The Library would have a sketch book and pencils that they would lend out for people to contribute a sketch or two. Cheryl is going to see about materials
    and we will flesh out the idea next month.
  6. Liz went over past fundraisers
  7. We then discussed possible fundraisers and programs
    a. Garage Sale
    b. Hospice presentation
    c. Monthly tech programs and help sessions
    i. Sheb volunteered for this and is also going to collaborate with Amy on working with older people

d. Tetrus – as part of a game event
e. Wellness Program
f. Book club – perhaps as a zoom program at first – Sheb would help
g. History of Cape programs

  1. Election of officers
    a. Liz Brennan was nominated for President by Ruth-Ellen and seconded by Chris; Donna Essegian was nominated for Treasurer by Liz and seconded by Chris, Sheb Bishob was nominated for VP by George
    and seconded by Chris . Votes for these people were unanimous. There was no one willing to be nominated for Secretary. Michele volunteered to take notes in Feb.
  2. A motion for adjournment was made at 5:30 by George and seconded by Liz. Passed unanimously.
    NEXT MEETING: February 24 at 4PM AT Library