Building Use Policy

Application: Library Staff and Patrons



The facilities of the Cape Vincent Community Library are available for public gatherings of a non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational character when the room is not being used for library-related activities.  The premises must be used in a responsible manner that does not cause undue cost to the Board of Trustees or undue influence with library activities.


  • All meetings must be free.  No admission fees may be charged or donations collected; however, if refreshments are served or craft activities planned, the library can require a cleaning deposit of $50 to be returned when premises are deemed satisfactorily clean.
  • Fund raising events or solicitation of any kind are not permitted unless sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
  • All applications for use MUST outline the purpose of the meeting and ideology of the group.
  • Meetings planned by a company or individual to promote, advertise, or lead to the sale of a product or service are not permitted, nor are employee training or orientation programs.
  • Groups of children are welcome to use the facilities, but application must be made by an adult and adult supervision of the group must be maintained at all times.
  • The library Board of Trustees reserves the right to review any or all applications and may require sufficient time to make proper investigation before prior to approval.
  • All meetings must be open to the general public.
  • Any group meeting that causes disruption to others in the library will be asked to leave.


The following types of events are permitted in the library:

  • Public education programs sponsored by a government agency or a non-profit organization.
    • Programs of special interest such as collectors or hobbyists

            The following types of events are not permitted in the library:

  • Private social events such as family reunions or wedding receptions
    • Any meeting/program promoting hatred of any ethic group, religious beliefs, violation of civil rights of any group or individual,
    •  or illegal activity of any kind.

Fees and Liabilities

  • The library charges no fees for the use of the facility; however, a fee may be assessed for any damage to or loss of library property and a charge for janitorial service may be charged if the facility is not left in the condition in which it was found.
  • The library is not liable for injuries to people or damage to the property of organizations using the facility.  Approval for use does not constitute the library’s endorsement of any group’s policies or beliefs.

Guidelines for Use

  • Library programs take precedence over any other activities.
  • Only light refreshments and no alcoholic beverages may be served.  The library provides no equipment for the serving of refreshments.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping, or juuling is prohibited in all areas of the library.
  •  The premises are to be vacated by 10 p.m.

Reservations and Cancellations

  • Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • An application for the use of the room must be made in person, signed by a representative of the group, and filed with the library staff.  The representative will be solely responsible for the manner of use of the premises as well as the condition in which the facility is left (e.g. lights turned off, doors locked, etc.).
  • A key will be provided, if necessary, for use when the library is not open.  The person who signs the application for the group is responsible for any and all use of the key.  No copies may be made of the key without specific library permission.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel prior reservations without notice in the event of an emergency such as a snow closing or unsafe building conditions.


Library patrons are responsible for using the meeting request form and abiding by the building-use policies.  Library    staff is responsible for overseeing building use.

Adopted: May 10, 2012.
Revised:  April 3, 2014
Revised: August 15, 2019